Our approach

altAaron King International is keen to have among its clients either the Multinational companies that are used to its specialised approach, either the Italian companies that are seeking from such companies like us the professional approach linked with sound results, impeccable methods  and ethical behavior that make the difference in todays market. As not all of you might know, Aaron King International is very attentive to new projects and new startups, and has a special area for this kind of companies.

If you are a start up and you like to have Aaron King as a partner, you can show your Business Plan to our steering committee and we will tell you within a short time if you can become a member of our Start Up Club.

We will give you few options so that you will have all recruiting activity to built up your staff for free in exchange of a sweat equity stake that will be agreed among the parties.
For any query please do not hesitate to contact us writing at: startups at aaronking.it